Scribbly Challenge


TWO races! THREE medals! TWICE the bragging rights!

Named after our mascot...that's the "Scribbly" part, not the "challenge" part...the Scribbly Challenge gives an ambitious athlete like you the chance to earn three - yes, three! - medals, and twice the bragging rights.


Successfully complete our Night Owl 5K race on Friday night OR our Family 5K race on Saturday, THEN successfully complete any race on Sunday and you'll earn the right to wear a special Scribbly Challenge Medal.

Added to your two other finisher medals, that makes THREE medals for completing TWO races! Not to mention the warm, smug feeling of athletic superiority you'll get when you show off your Scribbly Challenge Medal to the other envious participants on race Sunday.

If you've already registered for an event on Sunday and want to take the Scribbly Challenge, no problem. You just need to register for (and complete) the Night Owl 5K on Friday night OR the Family 5K event on Saturday, as well.


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